Resilience Awareness

The implementation of a Business Continuity Management System or a Risk Management must be accompanied by an awareness program at all levels of the organization.
To raise awareness of the Business Continuity and Resilience program of the organization, WeeSYB offers e-learning modules, in partnership with PANTA RAY, leader in the training of Organizational Resilience.
The standard modules offered cover the areas of Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Supply Chain Continuity, Information Security and Cybersecurity. The duration of each module is 45 minutes.
All modules can be customized for the organization, be it content or colours for better integration into organization’s environment.
 Resilience e-learning brochure 

WeeSYB is an authorized reseller of PANTA RAY. For any information about the e-learning modules and their customization, contact WeeSYB by email at the address