BCM Policy

This document shows the engagement of the CEO to develop a BCM program. By defining and signing the Policy, the Top Management recognizes the importance of an active and fully supported BCM program.

We will accompany you in defining a comprehensive Policy document encompassing the Scope, Objectives, Organization and a full package of statements defining how the program will be implemented and controlled.

Business Continuity Strategy

Defining your business continuity strategy improves the efficiency of your BCM program and reduces its cost, by letting you focused on the most critical areas of your business.

Our experts will prioritize the Recovery Requirements resulted from the BIA and identify the appropriate actions to be taken to recover the business. Recovery Requirements include critical business processes and all underpinned resources (human, technical and suppliers) considering their time requirements (MTPD, RTO, RPO).

Depending on your validated recovery objectives, We will provide you with strategies that are affordable but will provide an appropriate level of Business Continuity.

The strategy document is destinated to and must be validated by the Top Management. It includes a limited collection of recovery scenarios, each one is presented with its recovery options, their availability time and the cost of the option.

Business Continuity Plans

Business continuity plans (BCP) are the operational part of your BCM system. Conceived in advance and involves key stakeholders and personnel, they describe the potential impact of disaster situations, create Disaster Recovery procedures to respond to them and help your business recovering quickly and returning to the normal within a predetermined timeframe.

Our experts will design a BCP  appropriate to the defined Business Continuity Strategy and will develop its related procedures. BCP will include IT & Networks Disaster Recovery Plan.