Crisis Management Framework

Your ability to respond to a crisis starts by establishing a formal Crisis Management (CM) framework.

The objective of the framework is to setup  the global policy and organization of CM.

The Crisis Management is organized into cells according to a 3-levels model:

  • Strategic level: managed by the Director of crisis, is the place for commandment, control and communication.
  • Tactical level: in charge of the recovery coordination. It decides the execution of various plans
  • Operational level: in charge of the recovery of critical functions in applying decisions of the tactical level. According to the situation, several operational cells could be defined.

The most critical resources necessary for an efficient CM are teams, directory and  logistical resources (Crisis room, telecommunications, notification tool, computers, printers, etc.).

After reviewing your existing Crisis Management organization, the history of the past threats and events, and considering your major risks, we will assist you with the creation of a customized and effective Crisis Management Framework.

We will deliver the Crisis Management Framework, encompassing the CM organization, team members and their roles and responsibilities, the crisis directory and the related needed resources.